About Us

The Horace Patterson Foundation is a registered  charitable non-profit organization founded in 1992 dedicated to the promotion of leadership and community involvement of youth. It supports youth efforts to achieve their career goals and further their education by offering scholarships to pursue further studies at post secondary institutions. To date, more than 100 scholarships have been awarded to deserving youth in our community.

The Foundation was established to continue the legacy of the late Horace Patterson (1940-1982), who was a community activist. The organization is the brainchild of Adaoma, Chioma and Lois Patterson, Horace’s two daughters and wife.

Each year the Foundation awards scholarships to youths pursuing post secondary studies that are of African Caribbean descent OR are currently enrolled or planning to enroll in the Jazz Studies Program at the University of Manitoba.

One hundred percent of our work is done by volunteers and all of the funds come from donors and fundraising events. We continue to exist because of the commitment and dedication of our supporters and volunteers.

Who was Horace Patterson?

Horace left Canada in 1973 but he is still remembered as a brilliant debater, an eloquent orator and an excellent organizer. Himself a very bright student at the University of Manitoba, he was the moving force behind the West Indian Students’ Association (WISA) and the leader of the newly established Students’ Reform Movement. It was while he was presiding over these fledgling organizations that he was elected President of the University of Manitoba’s Student’s Union (UMSU) in 1968. He thus became the first black student to hold this post and is still generally regarded as the most distinguished of that union’s presidents….Click here to read more of HORACE PATTERSON Biography

Mr. Horace Patterson

Mr. Horace Patterson

Our Affiliations

University of Manitoba

The Horace Patterson Foundation has had an active and healthy relationship with the University of Manitoba, specifically its jazz department over the last 11 years.


Dumisani is an African (Shona) word meaning “Herald to the Future”. Dumisani Productions is not only a means of expression for the African-Canadian youths, it is also a medium through which its members can give back to their community. Dumisani is not currently an active component of the organization but while it was fully operational it catered to youths up to 25 years of age and provided a vehicle for cultural expression and exposure through drama, debates, Jeopardy game shows and music.

Debates and Spelling Bees

In addition to our foundations work in regards to education we also like to engages our youths mentally in fun activities and competitions.  Our debates and spelling bees are open to all those interested and we encourage you to show off your brain power. These events usually take place during the scholarship awards ceremony.


Youths participating in the debate are provided the debating topic weeks prior to the debate. Topics are usually focused around current issues. A board member is available to provide support to participating youths in preparation for the debate.

At the awards function both youths debate assigned topic and the process is facilitated by a moderator.

Both participants are rewarded with gifts which may include a Cup, prizes from sponsors and monetary gift. Interested participants are encouraged to contact us here for more information.

Spelling Bee

A spelling bee is sometimes featured as part of the entertainment at the scholarship awards ceremony. Students are provided with list of potential words prior to the event in preparation for the actual competition. A board member is available to provide support to participating youths in preparation for the spelling bee.

Both participants are rewarded with gifts which may include prizes from sponsors and or a monetary gift. Interested participants are again encouraged to contact us here.